Henry Kissinger at 100 | Hero or War Criminal? Op-Ed by Mehdi Hassan. (Video)


#MehdiHasan on marking Kissinger’s 100th birthday, “I want to talk about some of the many, many people around the world who didn’t get to live till 100, or even 60, 70, or 80, *because* of Henry Kissinger.”

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What Are
Cyber™ Risks?

What Is Geo-Poli-Cyber™?
MLi Group created the terms Poli-Cyber™ and Geo-Poli-Cyber™ in 2012. Geo-Poli-Cyber™ hacks are political, ideological, extremist, and ‘religious’ motivated attacks. They are the hacks that cyber security, resiliency and continuity strategies and solutions continue to fail to defend governments and organizations routinely. Key are the destruction/devastation motivated new breed of Geo-Poli-Cyber hackers and lone wolfs who are often directed or backed by not only enemies but presumed allies.
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