False-Antisemitism Unprecedently Exposed | Retired US Judge & former CIA Analyst also Address US Complicity in Israel’s Gaza War-Crimes / Genocide. | The Interview all Americans & Western Citizens Must Watch. (Video)

Watch below the video of retired US Circuit Judge Andrew Napolitano and & his guest former CIA Analyst Phil Geraldi give you their clear and unambiguous thoughts on: 

Israel, its lobbyists and supporters’ abuse of the antisemitism label to shut down legitimate criticism of Israeli government’s decisions and action,
US complicity in Israel’s Gaza War-Crimes & Genocide. 

For Decades, Israel, its lobbyists and supporters all over et world abused the antisemitism label with tremendous success to decisively shut-down any justified criticism of Israeli governments’ decisions and its policies towards Palestinians.

However, just in the last few weeks and in an unprecedented manner and as a result of Israel’s government Gaza War-Crimes & Genocide, a seismic shift in US public opinion has occurred turning it from a strong and steadfast supporter of Israel into one that is exposing its decades of lies, corruption and misinformation.

Start watching retired US Circuit Judge Andrew Napolitano and & his guest former CIA Analyst Phil Geraldi.

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