For Immediate Release. | MLi Group and its Survivability Subsidiaries Announce their Plan to Expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf and MENA Regions in a Partnership with Approach Communications.

For Immediate Release. 

MLi Group and its Survivability subsidiaries announce their plan to expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf and MENA regions in a partnership with Approach Communications.


LOS ANGELES, LONDON, RIYADH, March 2, 2024. | MLi Group, the distinguished global leader in the combined cyber and non-cyber risk mitigation (also referred to as Geo-Poli-Cyber™ risks, threats and Warfare), and its Survivability subsidiaries, announce their strategic plan to expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, and MENA region in partnership with Approach Communications.

MLi Group is the distinguished global leader in the combined cyber and non-cyber risk mitigation (also referred to as Geo-Poli-Cyberrisks, threats and Warfare). Its Survivability Strategies, solutions, and services go above and beyond the cybersecurity strategies, solutions, best practices, best-in-class and regulatory frameworks which continue to fail in defending and protecting national sovereignties, corporate security and their infrastructures with alarming regularity. This is detrimental to nations, governments, businesses, consumers, and citizens worldwide who are in critical need of more effective mitigation solutions and alternatives.

The plan expands MLi’ Group’s footprint in these regions for its unique strategies, solutions, and services and those of its specialist subsidiaries, such as Survivability Wealth Management™, Survivability Recruitment™, Survivability Digital Media™, Survivability News™, Survivability MasterClass™ and Survivability Cyber Insurance Audit™, to name a few.

The announced direction will expand MLi Group’s international footprint for its unrivaled strategies, solutions and services and those of its Survivability subsidiaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, and MENA region. It will also create great new opportunities for MLi’s clients and partners who are keen to identify and develop new markets for their products and services in economically vibrant regions such as the Saudi Kingdom, Gulf and MENA regions, and vice versa with the rest of the world.


Chairman Khaled Fattal being interviewed live on Saudi National TV on the Kingdom’s hosting of the G20 Summit in 2020 and addressing Geo-Poli-Cyber Risks, Threats and Warfare.

To see the video interview, or for more information, contact MLi Group on the info provided below. 

On this occasion, two-time international best-selling author and MLi Group Executive Chairman Khaled Fattal said, “We are excited at the opportunity. The need for our unique expertise across multiple sectors and from a regulatory perspective has been great in the West and in many emerging economies. This focus will enable us to help Saudi and MENA regions’ decision-makers to better mitigate seriously unmitigated risks they are currently highly exposed to. In turn, this will help them better defend themselves, their societies while defending their corporate structures and national sovereignties. It will also enable us to help them convert these unmitigated risks into unique competitive advantages and opportunities now and for the 21st century. I see great societal benefits that go beyond just financial gains and quarterly profitability.”

Approach Communications CEO Dr. Ammar Bakkar said: “We are honored to partner with MLi Group in their strategic expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, and MENA region. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards improving risk mitigation strategies in general. Together, we aim to empower organizations and decision-makers with innovative strategies and solutions to better address the ever-increasing unmitigated threats.”

Fattal then added, “you hardly heard of the world’s biggest tech firms being breached 5 or 7 years ago. Well, in the last couple of years they have all been hacked, repeatedly, and on unprecedented scales. This happened despite the billions of dollars each spends yearly on their cybersecurity strategies, solutions, ‘best-practices,’ and their ‘best-in-class’ tech innovation. This includes Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and many other giants. More alarming, they were all compliant with numerous regulatory frameworks and their mandatory requirements across multiple national and regional jurisdictions. Yet, they all got hacked. Just reflect on these alarming facts about just Apple, who got Geo-Poli-Cyber™ Hacked for over 4 Years Undetected. and who had to update its operating system 18 times in 2023 due to hacks and exposed vulnerabilities.”

Fattal then emphasized, “let me say it bluntly, they all failed to mitigate today’s Geo-Poli-Cyber risks, threats and warfare. In fact, security (cyber and non-cyber) is no longer the effective strategic focus – Survivability is. This should be an serious awakening. It should serve as a reality check for those who are keen to do something about it for the sake of their society and stakeholders as well as their profitability.”

Fattal then concluded by saying, “Smart Saudi, Gulf and MENA regions regulators, and top corporate decision-makers have known for a while that it is not a matter of if, but when, they will get hacked. They know that they can no longer afford to rely on cybersecurity strategies and solutions imported from the west that keep failing worldwide, they have been witnessing the best and biggest western governments and businesses getting hacked routinely. It is a fact that these ever-growing cyber hacks can be better and more effectively mitigated”.

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About MLi Group: MLi Group is the worldwide leader in Cyber and Non-Cyber Survivability and Security threat & risk mitigation strategies, solutions, and services. They are specially created and formulated to better guide governments, businesses, and top decision-makers in mitigating the latest threats—especially Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) attacks. MLi Group & its chairman Khaled Fattal have been involved in the security, stability, and resiliency of the global internet infrastructure since the mid-90s.

The escalating Geo-Poli-Cyber™ threat vector is an ever-growing unmitigated risk, which at times can be of existential nature. GPCyber risks remain unmitigated by most stakeholders worldwide. It continuously threatens corporate security, national sovereignty.

For more information about GPCyber, please visit the links below to MLi Group, its Survivability subsidiaries’ websites, and/or submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a No Obligation Top Decision Maker Private & Confidential Geo-Poli-Cyber™ Survivability Briefing.

About Approach Communications.

Approach is a leading communications and PR firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), specializing in strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. With a strong focus on fostering growth and connectivity in the region, Approach Communications provides tailored communication strategies and services to support businesses and organizations in navigating the dynamic landscape of KSA’s market. Through their expertise and comprehensive approach, they aim to drive impactful outcomes and contribute to the advancement of various industries in the Kingdom.

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