Is Israel a 1-Pariah State? or a 2-Rogue State Now? What should its new label be? What should people worldwide start calling by? | Read, Watch & Choose Israel’s New Label & Start Using it. | Survivability News Publishers Corner.

By Khaled Fattal – Publisher Survivability News. | Executive Chairman MLi Group & Survivability Subsidiaries. | Wall Street Journal, Amazon, USA Today & Barnes & Noble International Best-selling Author.

 With Israel’s “Democracy” Label Exposed Forever?

What Should it be re-Labeled as?

What Should People all over the World Start calling Israel?

A – Pariah State?


B – Rogue State?

Read & watch below. Then, choose Israel’s new label. Then, if convinced or compelled…

Start Using it.

Before its Gaza-Genocide

For decades prior to its Gaza Genocide of 2023-24, Israel and its western friends especially the US, succeeded in labeling it as “the only democracy in the middle east”. This was achieved despite the world witnessing for years Israel’s blatant disregard of international law. It also ignored countless UN resolutions with no consequences, slap on the hand punishment let alone sanctions. It hardly ever got a serious verbal reprimand by the US or the west.

Protected from, & Always Above International Law

Example you might ask? How about Israel non-stop building of illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land and territories. How about Israel’s barbaric and inhumane apartheid system that treats the indigenous Palestinian people worse that the blacks were treated during apartheid South Africa, according to many human watch groups and as South Africa argued in February 2024 when making its case at the ICC that Israel is committing Genocide in Gaza.

The Guardian’s New Revelations

On May 28, 2024, the Guardian revealed that in 2019, Israeli spy chief Yossi Cohen ‘threatened’ the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda (Khan’s predecessor), over a war crimes inquiry the ICC was preparing to conduct. Not only did the report reveal that Mossad director Cohen was personally involved in a secret plot to pressure Bensouda to drop a Palestine investigation, the Guardian also exposed Israel’s nine-year ‘war’ on the ICC.

Let me Help you Make an Informed Choice

To help you be able to make a more informed choice about what Israel’s new label should be, I suggest you ask yourself these following questions.

I also suggest you keep in mind the “Rules Based Global Order” which the US and western democracies have deafened us and the world with, to respect it, to protect it, and made all countries accountable to it. well, of course, except Israel:

Does a democracy commit a nonstop relenting Genocide against civilians? 
What kind of a democracy hacks, threatens, and intimidates the highest legal institution in the world (the ICC)?
What kind of democracy threatens the life of the ICC chief Prosecutor to drop an investigation? 
Can a county that has practiced an apartheid system for generations against the indigenous people continue to be called a “democracy”? 

One thing is certain – “Democracy”, Israel’s self-proclaimed label has been exposed forever. It is dead and must go. And it must be replaced NOW.

Now, let me ask you again:

Still Not Convinced or Compelled? Why Don’t you Consider the Following:

Silence is Complicity.
It is time for every citizen of the world to stand on the right side of history.
It is time you demand of your respective governments saying: Stop all support of Israel and its ongoing “Gaza Genocide / 2024 Killing Fields”.
It is time you also demand that all those who committed, continue committing atrocities, and those who support them, be held accountable legally, politically and economically NOW.


by Khaled Fattal

Publisher Survivability News 
Executive Chairman MLi Group & Survivability Subsidiaries 
Wall street Journal, Amazon, USA Today & Barnes & Noble International Best-selling Author


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