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Who is Prof. John Mearsheimer

John Joseph Mearsheimer is an American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. He is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. He has been described as the most influential realist of his generation.

Born: December 14, 1947 (age 74)
Education: United States Military Academy (BS), University of Southern California (MA), Cornell University (PhD), School Neorealism, University of Chicago
Main interests: International relations theory, international security, deterrence theory.
Notable ideas: Offensive realism

Mearsheimer is best known for developing the theory of offensive realism, which describes the interaction between great powers as being primarily driven by the rational desire to achieve regional hegemony in an anarchic international system. In accordance with his theory, Mearsheimer believes that China’s growing power will likely bring it into conflict with the United States.

His most controversial views concern alleged influence by interest groups over US government actions in the Middle East, which he wrote about in his 2007 book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.  Read more.

What Are
Cyber™ Risks?

What Is Geo-Poli-Cyber™?
MLi Group created the terms Poli-Cyber™ and Geo-Poli-Cyber™ in 2012. Geo-Poli-Cyber™ hacks are political, ideological, extremist, and ‘religious’ motivated attacks. They are the hacks that cyber security, resiliency and continuity strategies and solutions continue to fail to defend governments and organizations routinely. Key are the destruction/devastation motivated new breed of Geo-Poli-Cyber hackers and lone wolfs who are often directed or backed by not only enemies but presumed allies.
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